See things differently with the new Formica® Collection

by Laura

The new Formica® Collection arrives in style this May and is full of exciting new colours, decors, and textures. After extensive research and development in manufacture and design, Formica Group is providing architects, interior designers, manufacturers and fabricators with a completely refreshed portfolio that includes 113 new décors, bringing the total to over 600 decorative laminate solutions.

formica collection image

A colour palette so wide Jackson Pollock would have thought twice

Based on customer feedback and answering key interior trends for new blues, pastels and nature inspired eco palette, Formica Group has developed 9 new Plain Colors to present a comprehensive palette of 120 colours including White, Just Rose, Just Blue, Nocturne, Denim, Artichoke, Leaf Green, Just Gold, and Patina.

From the JUST colour family, a range of pure and updated basics, Just Rose is a very fine, pastel, airy rose that brings a feminine and sophisticated touch to an interior. Combined with light wood grains, it functions like a white and creates a very modern feel.

F0949 White is clean and cool with a slight tone of rose that stands out from the typically warmer palette of European whites. Its introduction in Europe makes it a global colour option in Formica Group’s portfolio and specifications around the world.

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