Sign 2000 continued upgrade and refurbishment of the UK, ARC/IMO estate

by Laura


Refurbishment works carried out by Sign 2000 includes a complete makeover of all signage, lighting external and internal totems and gantries plus full recladding of the external building facades utilising self-colour ACM sheets and aluminium, the plate material faced in areas with matt laminated lifestyle message graphics.

IMO are the world’s largest car wash company and every year they wash over 30 million cars in 13 countries. Since they began they have washed over 800m cars throughout the world. They offer a consistent quality car wash, at great value for money, at over 836 locations around the world. In the UK they trade as ARC and IMO in the rest of the world. IMO Car Wash Group is the largest dedicated car wash company in the world and was founded in Germany in 1965. The group has expanded, to include over 322 sites in Germany, 281 in the UK and over 230 sites throughout the rest of Europe and Australia. The IMO experience offers quality, speed and value for money through a unique conveyor wash system, which can wash up to 4 cars at a time, with guaranteed results, every car.

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