Smart Thermostat App by Ecolec

by Laura


ecolec12Department of Energy & Climate change state (2013) that 83% of a domestic energy bill is made up of 66% to domestic heating and 17% to hot water. Managing and controlling your heat “Where you want it, when you want it” is more efficient, saving money.

The app can be shared by site managers in care homes, hospitals or commercial buildings. It helps dependants, elderly, infirm etc by utilising the multizone alerts (over & under temperature) and remote access to see at a glance the zone temperatures and make adjustments. No controls on the heaters. Temperature sensor and local control sited away from the heat source using the wireless zone thermostats providing accurate room temperature and ease of operation.

ecolec13Key Features
• Manage your heating from afar
• Match your heating to your lifestyle
• Control your heating remotely over the internet from anywhere
• Direct & remote management of home heating
• Energy saving 10 Zone control
• Energy efficiency by matching heating to usage
• Quick and easy to use, program & install
• Silent operation
• Accurate & stable room temperature control
• Web App using PC, phone or tablet
• Secure web server, free data
• Schedules (time & temperature) for each zone
• Boost / Advance / Holiday / Frost protection
• Alerts (Low thermostat battery, over temperature, under temperature)
• Overrides
• Whole house set back/on/off
• Save & load schedules
• Preset schedules
• Zone thermostat (see zone temperature & manually adjust)
• Schedules operate autonomously without internet connection
• See heating status of each zone – current room temperature and target room temperature
• View status of all zones and make quick adjustments with or without the internet

ecolec14 For further information, please contact Chandru Ray:
Tel: 01902 457575 | Email: | Website:

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