Spray Applied Seamless Acoustic Decorative Finishes

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We offer a complete range of seamless acoustic finishes from textured to plaster smooth (see product summary below) to control noise reverberation and reduce overall noise levels.  These can be applied to any indoor space and surface including domes, profiled deck, vaults, pods etc. Acoustic Masonry Blocks & Acoustic Panels also available.

We also specialise in sound barrier systems to prevent unwanted sound transfer between buildings or rooms.


The Oscar Acoustics service includes free acoustic appraisals and the benefit of our 34 years of experience.  We guarantee that our products will exceed the latest Building Regulations Part E.



IMG_0766 School Acoustics 2

Spray Product Summary 

Oscar Elite

A smooth, flat acoustic finish with the appearance of conventional plaster

Ideal for use in luxury homes, receptions, restaurants, offices etc.

SonaSpray fcx

Sprayed & trowelled flat finish with attractive lightly pitted surface.

Ideal for use in homes, pools, public places, classrooms, offices, hotels, etc.

SonaSpray fc

An attractive spray applied,  lightly textured,  seamless acoustic finish

Ideal for use in pools, offices, classrooms, halls, boardrooms, restaurants

Sonaspray K-13 Special

An attractive spray applied, medium texture acoustic finish, available in many colours.

Ideal for use in sports halls, offices, classrooms, auditoria, theatres etc.

SonaSpray K-13

Coarsely textured spray applied finish, available in colours.

Ideal for use in sports halls, stadia, auditoria, night clubs and bars, factories, warehouses etc.

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