Sprayfoam Insulation And Renovation System

by admin

Permaseal UK Ltd is a leading national supplier for the installation of the spray foam roof insulation and renovation system. The BBA accredited spray foam is installed in domestic, commercial and industrial properties and can be applied to all types of roofing materials and structures. The polyurethane foam adheres directly to the substrate and seals the roof area completely…no breaks or seams to split and come loose. The foam also prevents access to cold air, wind-blown dust, flies and vermin entering the loft space. Once installed it also prevents and eliminates condensation.

The Permaseal system provides the best energy efficient, high performance, long term roofing solution currently available. Free no obligation quotation and on site survey provided on request.

For further information and / or brochure please ring Freephone 0800 048 3348 or view our web site: www.permasealuk.co.uk

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