Storage heating is dead! Efficient electric central heating is here to stay!

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It exists – NOW, Specifically designed to replace the bulky, inefficient and poor control of outdated storage heating, INTELLI HEAT has the solution for an easy upgrade to an advanced, stylish and efficient central heating system which YOU control. Popular in Continental Europe for some time the easily installed central heating systems are competitive with oil and LPG running costs,.  The cheap non—invasive installation and zero maintenance make the systems increasingly popular with developers of new build and redevelopment projects, even when gas is available.

Cali Avanti & Sophia by INTELLI HEAT image 2

The new for 2013 CALI AVANTI is a slim and stylish Italian design 100% Alluminium radiator which will complement any interior. User-friendly, backlit controls are positioned on the top of the radiator allowing easy daily weekly programming and over—ride at any time. The comfortable heat, better then any wet heating system, can be enhanced by the unique built in humidifier/fragrance diffuser for your favourite aroma oils.

Designed to maximise efficiency using the latest technology, the intelligent electronics from Zoppas, market leaders in elements and heating electronics in Europe, constantly regulate energy consumption, with the highly efficient tungsten element drawing only minimum power required to maintain an extremely accurate set point temperature, The advanced

Thermodynamic fluid ensures an even surface temperature over the 100% aluminium body, and rapid warm up time. The Cali Avanti body is double coated for durability and protection from discolouring, and the electrics double insulated for safety.

The SOPHIA towel rail is the perfect solution to heating and towel warming in the bathroom or kitchen, Again, a builtein 7 day LCD time/temp programmer allows for comfortable and flexible heating as required.

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The ultimate advanced electric central heating system provides a simply stunning blend of style with cutting edge technology. A premium product in a class on it’s own with the unique Advanced (Zondensing System (ACS) allowing extremely fast warm-up (45 seconds), and offering up to 30% energy savings compared with traditional storage and electric panel heaters, With three super thin and stylish ranges and a touch screen wireless Smart Energy programmer giving instant control of any radiator, as well as real time energy consumption, these are at home in any higher spec property, either residential or commercial.

The colour options and fabulous towel warmers create a drama well beyond their very reasonable cost. Winner of best heating BUILD-IT awards 2012

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