Strengthening buildings against disproportionate collapse

by Laura

HELIFIX manufactures a wide range of stainless steel wall ties and fixings for the repair and reinforcement of masonry structures. These one-piece helical products, with their concealed installation techniques, provide reliable, economical and non-disruptive solutions that enable refurbished or converted buildings to comply with the ‘disproportionate collapse’ requirements in Building Regulation A3.

Buildings should be robust; designed and constructed in such a way that they will not be damaged by events, such as explosion, impact and the consequences of human error, to an extent disproportionate to the original cause. This mandatory requirement, now covered by Building Regulations, applies to existing buildings as well as to new-build. Following a full structural survey and risk assessment, any area of a building undergoing refurbishment or change of use considered to be at risk of disproportionate collapse needs to be strengthened.

Helifix systems, such as HeliBars, BowTies and DryFix, provide practical, cost-effective means of achieving the required levels of strengthening.
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