SWIGA Guarantee provides peace of mind

by Laura

 The Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) is a not for profit guarantee provider for solid wall solutions.

Set up by industry to encourage continuous industry quality improvements through the use of its unique quality framework. SWIGA provides direct support to the customer through its extensive network of member’s expertise.

The SWIGA guarantee offers cover for; external wall, internal wall and hybrid systems for traditional solid wall properties, non-traditional properties such as no-fines concrete and frame buildings. As well as providing cover for low and high rise apartments.

Andrew Champ, Executive Director of SWIGA, commented; “SWIGA’s commitment to provide the consumer and the insulation industry with a dependable Guarantee is shown in the quality of the over 250 companies that have joined SWIGA to date.

“SWIGA’s Contractor and System holder membership has to meet stringent entry criteria prior to joining to ensure they are trained correctly, understand the systems and installation techniques needed to fit the systems correctly as well as ensuring the companies that join are financially viable as business’s to carry out solid wall insulation work.

“The not for profit SWIGA warranty is backed by a robust 25 year guarantee with an industry-leading Quality Assurance framework and at a cost of £79 per standard house; we believe this represents fantastic value for money.” Andrew added: “Not only does SWIGA provide consumer protection with our independent 25-year Guarantee we can offer the consumer independent industry expertise – our membership includes all major system designers who we can draw on, but we also have an independent approach and can offer expert opinion on
client projects.

“We differ from insurance companies in that we are a not for profit organisation and in the unusual event of installation issues, we will arbitrate directly with the home owner on any disputes, working with our network to obtain the best outcome for the owner. Our prime focus has always been on prevention, not cure. Our Quality Assurance framework is key and our pre-vetting procedures do more than any other to avoid issues from the outset.”

For more information about SWIGA contact info@swiga.co.uk, call 01525 854977, or visit www.swiga.co.uk.

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