The future of innovative floor lighting design has never looked so bright

by Laura

The ultra-slim Eyeleds® line of recessed lighting products has swept across the global market thanks to its simple installation and sleek look. Eyeleds® stands out as a unique, exclusive range of LED design lighting, suitable for a wide variety of applications indoors or outdoors. Eyeleds® provide ambient, orientation, marker and safety lighting in floors, stairs, skirting, paving, patios and landing stages.

Copy of DSC_1889_DSC3599

The unique advantage of Eyeleds® is that the fixture has a mounting depth of only 6.5mm. This ultra-flat design, combined with plug and play configurations, provides unprecedented ease of installation in virtually all flooring types (tiles, marble, natural stone, laminate and even carpet).

eks11Eyeleds hand_TVK

In addition to round and square models with various monochrome light colours, the range consists of a version with RGB-functionality, higher lumen output versions for task lighting and orientation, and a wide variety of models for outdoor application.


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