The Reflex-Rol solar shading system

by Laura

When refurbishing or renovating your property Solar shading or blinds are usually not considered until it is too late. By the time most people (and architects/designers!) think of Solar shading the windows will have been refurbished or renewed and the blind then becomes an afterthought with all the consequences of ugly headgear / rolling mechanisms etc.

Superior shading with RR82013 micro embossed foil

First of all we would urge you to consider shading very early on in the project as more often then not it can be incorporated in the design at the head of the windows. Failing that, we can offer the next best thing; with small and compact headboxes ( 54 x 55 mm only), powder coated in any desired RAL colour number, we can make the ‘blinds’ almost disappear into the background, especially if motorised units are used.

Clarity of vision and optimum internal shading

Whether it is for your lounge windows to stop overheating and/or your new floors from fading in direct sunlight or for your ‘home-office’ to keep glare and dazzle off your computer screens, Reflex-Rol has the materials to do it in a sympathetic manner with the aesthetics of your property in mind.

Removes glare from TV screen

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