The Ultimate Space Saving Soundproof Ceiling System

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• Minimum ceiling height loss of only 6mm
• Height adjustable, allowing flat ceilings across uneven joists.
• The installation achieves (better than), compliance with British building regs Approved Document E for airborne and impact sound.
• Simple & fast clip together installation using standard GL1 gypliner channels.
• All work carried out from below so no need to involve the apartment above.
• Appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling.
• Easier and faster than installing products on the floor of the room above: when doors, skirting boards etc. must often be shortened and adjusted to compensate for the raised level of floor.

Iso-Mount & Drawing

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Oscar Iso-Mount Review
“The whole transaction has been simple and easy. I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference. So much so that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above. I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat. Keep up the good work.”
Jim Hood

Soundproof ceiling space saving Oscar Iso-Mount

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