TimbaCurer® from Mighton Products

by Laura

Mighton Products have continued their strategy of providing everything for the window manufacturer with the launch of their new wood repair product, TimbaCurer®.

timbercureThe epoxy resin product has been designed as an adhesive filler specifically for the repair of wooden windows, doors and related products. There are two versions, a four hour cure product for major repairs where extra time is required for processing and a 1 Hour formula for small repairs requiring a fast turn-round. TimbaCurer 4® cures in four hours and is intended for large scale same day repairs up to 60mm deep. timbercure1It is a thixotropic mix with a consistency similar to butter which allows it to be used on vertical and horizontal joints and even splices without shuttering. It can be mixed in large quantities, moulded and pointed into place. It’s ideal for large repair areas and paint refurbishment contracts. The product has a Thixotropic density of 1.63cm3 and a cured tensile strength of 1500N/mm2. The  product is supplied in a 400ml dual cartridge.

TimbaCurer 1® also comes in a dual cartridge at 400ml and has a 1 hour curing time. Its viscous consistency allows it to gel and cure faster which makes it perfect for repairing and splicing smaller areas up to 10mm deep. For example where wood is damaged as opposed to rotten The product has a viscous density of 1.23g/cm3 and a similar curing strength to the four hour version.timbercure2


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