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Tudor Roof Tiles Co Ltd is committed to the sympathetic restoration of period and listed buildings through the use of historically authentic handmade peg and plain clay tiles.

In this month’s Refurb and Renovation News Paul Lythgoe, Managing Director of Tudor Roof Tiles, outlines the key factors to consider when specifying replacement clay roof tiles on older properties.

Historic roofs, by their very nature, tend to be irregular and idiosyncratic in appearance, with the original tiles often in old ‘non standard’ sizes that are rarely used today. This can make their replacement a challenge for architects and conservationists wanting to maintain the architectural and aesthetic integrity of the building,” said Paul.

As locally sourced second hand roof tiles, are often expensive and in short supply, modern handmade versions can be a suitable alternative, provided that they have a truly time weathered and ‘olde world’ look consistent with the originals.”

Tudor Roof Tiles is an independent UK manufacturer, which specialises in making genuine English plain and peg tiles with historic variations in texture, camber and colour and with a ‘time weathered’ appearance, which cannot be replicated by cheaper and more uniform mass-produced machine made tiles.

Made using traditional craftsmanship, the range comes in a number of mellow colours and has a rustic sand-faced appearance, which naturally matures with time. They can be supplied with peg holes and/or nibs on the underside and in a number of bespoke and non-standard sizes to suit the style and age of building.

In a mass produced world where imitating old materials is very much the norm, we believe it is important to offer architects, specifiers and conservationists authentic handmade peg and plain tiles, which replicate the roof tiles of the past and are in every sense the genuine article,” said Paul.

All Tudor roof tiles are CE marked to EN 1304:2005(E) standards for frost resistance, water impermeability and flexural strength.

For more information on how Tudor’s range of peg and plain clay tiles can help restore old properties, download the Booklet Restoring Historic Roofs.

Tudor roof tiles are available from leading roofing and builders merchants. For more information, contact Tudor Roof Tile Co. Ltd, Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, Kent, TN29 9JH. 
Tel:  01797 320202  Fax 01797 320700  E-mail:  info@tudorrooftiles.co.uk

Website:  www.tudorrooftiles.co.uk

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