UK Spares – Genuine Manufacturers’ electrical Spares from A to Z

by Rob

UK Spares was formed in 1993. We have become one of the prime suppliers of spares within our main area of expertise which is electric water heating and electric space heating. As part of UK Electric Ltd., we are financially sound and have sister companies involved in a diverse range of activities associated with electrical, electronic, mechanical, lighting and controls. If you have an unusual problem why not give us a try.

With replacement prices starting from just £20, UK Spares stocks a range of water boiler spare parts spanning major brand names from a range of leading companies, including Burco, Zip and Redring. UK Spares removes the need to replace a full water boiler for the sake of a broken element, lever tap or solenoid valve. Using the latest data specs, up-to-date information and extensive product knowledge, the UK Spares team use their years of knowledge and expertise in order to identify the correct spare part for each individual request.

Rapidly becoming one of UK Spares’ best selling product ranges, the rise in demand for water boiler spare parts represents the growing trend for repairing heating parts rather than spending substantial amounts in replacement fees. With over 2,000 product lines in stock, the company can also quickly source even the most obscure spares from its extensive network of suppliers.

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