Vectaire Ltd’s range of residential ventilation products, is one of the most comprehensive available.

by Laura

Vectaire Ltd’s range of residential ventilation products, is one of the most comprehensive available. Vectaire’s low energy products with EC motors are manufactured (mostly in the UKto ISO9001) using the latest technologies to ensure optimum ventilation. They combine efficient ventilation with low noise levels, running costs and excellent SFP ratings. Units remove moisture, odours and pollutants whilst meeting the latest requirements for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economy. The comfort of the residents, too, is vital – is it too damp, too dry, too hot, too cold, too draughty etc? A continuous mechanical extract system is the ideal way to ventilate, maintaining a constant trickle of fresh air, and reducing pollutants, excess humidity etc. WHHRs (whole house heat recovery units) are designed for in-line or upright installation; they range from small units designed for one/two roomed apartments (ie student accommodation, hotel rooms, extra care facilities etc), to units for areas of up to 230m2, recovering up to 94% of heat extracted from up to seven rooms, with specific fan powers from 0.40 w/l/sec.  Several control options including summer bypass and integral humidistat are available. All have a variable choice of trickle speed and boost options, often with delay-on timers and integral frost-stats.  An ultra low profile model – only 200mm deep, and the in-line Microbox (MEV) are for use where space is at a premium.  For single room ventilation there are two fans available (axial or centrifugal) with energy efficient EC motors.  They operate continuously, almost silently and very economically in any wet room (with a choice of two trickle speeds) with options of delay timer, humidistat and low voltage.  Last, but not least, the new Heatrec 1003 single room heat recovery unit is for both new-build and refurbishment.  It provides low level and continuous, energy saving ventilation, combined with high performance and efficiency.  It saves up to 75% of potential heat loss and includes an integral summer mode and a frost-stat. The Heatrec 1003 is available with 400, 500 or 600mm length tube heat recovery cells (100mm dia), and a terminal kit incorporating both a weather louvre and a condensate outlet.  It is available in standard, timer, humidity control and SELV models.  The majority of these products have been tested by BRE and are SAP Q Eligible.  All of Vectaire’s economic and energy efficient products for residential ventilation are detailed in its Low Energy Catalogue.

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