What does underfloor heating mean to you?”

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Perhaps you cannot decide if you should specify underfloor heating on your current or next project.   Are you wondering why you should choose electric or hydronic?  Concerned that if there is a problem either on-site or in the future that you will have no recourse to the supplier and/or manufacturer?

Why you should use underfloor heating and Warmup is an easy question to answer.  Between our ability to offer you the best products (electric, hydronic, hybrid – mixture of electric and hydronic) and the best services makes Warmup the best underfloor heating – guaranteed.

For many, we recognise that quality of product and service is taken as a given.

At Warmup in addition to the above, we go further and concentrate on giving ‘added value’. This includes:

  • The best warranties and guarantees – Lifetime Warranty on most of our heating systems and unique SafetyNetTM Installation Guarantee on all systems.  This means if the installer accidentally damages the heating system during installation – we will replace it free of charge
  • Technical support 24/7/365, online ‘live’ chat and a host of tutorials PLUS nationwide service engineer network
  • The best information – £ multi-million Research Centre with test facilities and monitored post occupancy houses, including the BRE Renewable House in Watford, which provides up-to-the minute proprietary information on products and energy efficiency techniques. This data has enabled Warmup to create a highly predictive model that allows all manner of key questions to be answered from: “How much will it cost to run the heating system of my new, yet to be built dwelling?” to “How much will I save using Warmup radiant underfloor heating rather than radiators?”

Warmup would like to know what projects you have that specifies underfloor heating or projects coming up, which underfloor heating is likely to be specified. To assist you further in your deliberations, contact us today to receive a copy of our latest projects brochure.  This comprehensive document provides details on each underfloor heating system (electric,  hydronic and hybrid), and discusses which solution is best suited to meet your individual requirements along with full details on how we will collaborate with you and your team.

For more information, to receive a copy of the new brochure or quotation, please contact our projects division on T: 0845 034 8270   E: projects@warmup.com  or visit www.warmup-projects.co.uk


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