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Crocky Road - this cool beige is a natural choice for living rooms.

Earthborn - doing things differently

Earthborn is delighted to introduce The Earth Collection, a palette of five harmonious new paint shades inspired by the natural world. The colours are themed around the earth, land, sand, sea and clouds. Longevity and timeless appeal are at the heart of The Earth Collection.

Doing what’s right should never be at the expense of quality and style. That’s why Earthborn is dedicated to creating paints perfect for developers, home decorators, interior designers and trade folk that are better for the planet, your home and your health. So the most important choice you have to make is which of the fantastic designer colours to use.

The Earth Collection is a palette of five harmonious new paint shades inspired by the natural world. The Classic Earthborn colour card will remain unchanged for now; instead we’ve created a simple bookmark displaying real painted swatches of our five new colours, which you can request (for free) here.

Each colour is themed around the earth, land, sand, sea and clouds. Longevity and timeless appeal are at the heart of The Earth Collection.

Our new colours, and the full range of 72 shades on our Classic shade card, are available to buy online now, or from our fantastic network of stockists – click here to find your nearest.

Crocky Road
Inspired by the earth, its faintest green undertone lends Crocky Road an easy, earthy quality. The cool beige tones of Crocky Road make it a natural choice for living rooms, but would sit equally beautifully in kitchens or bedrooms.

Up Up Away
Inspired by the clouds, Up Up Away is cool, calm and collected. A relaxed off-white shade that’s at home in all spaces. In south facing rooms, where the light is generally warmer and more yellow, Up Up Away takes on an exaggerated creamy quality. Whereas in north facing rooms it appears as a lighter, softer white colour.

Inspired by the land, Grassy is an elegant grey-green, reminiscent of misty, mountainous landscapes. Taking inspiration from the land, it’s a beautiful mid-toned, earthy addition to our palette of greens.

Inspired by the sea, this warm denim shade has a casual charm. It’s a fresh, enigmatic shade that will intensify in smaller spaces.

Sandy Castle
Inspired by the sand, we’ve captured the feeling of sunlight on sand dunes to create our own take on light cream. An all-round shade for walls and woodwork. In south facing spaces, Sandy Castle assumes a pale golden-white hue, and it will warm up the cool light of north facing rooms.

Sandy Castle - light and delicate enough to be used on both walls and woodwork. All 5 new colours in the Earth Collection

What makes our paints different is their high quality and high performance; the result of carefully selecting the right ingredients and using technologically advanced manufacturing processes and formulations. You won’t find any acrylics or oils, but you will find a full list of ingredients to help you make a more informed choice. We’re proud to have been awarded the first UK licence of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints and Varnishes. And we’re even prouder that we’ve produced a range of environmentally-friendly designer breathable paints that everyone loves.

Want to know more about the Earth Collection from Earthborn? Head here for a sample pot or check out the Earth Collection on Instagram or YouTube



New Emergency Lighting Range from Advanced

Advanced is extending its range of emergency lighting solutions with the launch of EasySafe addressable, low-voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs.

All EasySafe products are designed to work with LuxIntelligent, Advanced’s emergency light testing system. Powered directly from the LuxIntelligent panel, Advanced’s EasySafe devices require no local power supply and are compatible with any existing LuxIntelligent luminaires and exit signs, enabling the easy installation of devices onto existing wiring to form one intelligent emergency lighting system.

The low-voltage lights offer quick and easy fitting and service, with a simple ‘twist and click’ installation onto a first-fix base. EasySafe has been designed to offer true scalability, with just one LuxIntelligent panel supporting up to 400 EasySafe devices alongside an additional 1,592 locally-powered devices.

Matt Jones, Advanced’s Emergency Lighting Business Manager, said: “EasySafe is a valuable new addition to our range of emergency lighting solutions for our customers. Quick, simple installation, using the twist and click mechanism, and compatibility with almost any existing emergency lighting system mean less fitting time on site. And that of course brings significant time and resource savings.”

Managing maintenance and compliance is easy. Test result data is available at the touch of a button via the cloud-connected LuxIntelligent control panel, PC or mobile app.


Matt added: “After significant product development involving input from installers, service and maintenance engineers, specifiers and facilities managers, we’re confident our customers will find tangible efficiency and compliance benefits from using EasySafe. In essence, EasySafe is an innovative solution delivering the performance, quality and ease of use our customers have come to expect from Advanced.”

Advanced, owned by FTSE 100 company Halma PLC, protects a wide range of prestigious and high-profile sites across the globe – from London’s Shard to Abu Dhabi International Airport and Miami’s Sands Pointe development.

Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies with a clear purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. Advanced’s reputation for performance, quality and ease of use see its products specified in locations around the world, from single-panel installations to large, multi-site networks. Advanced’s products include complete fire detection systems, multiprotocol fire panels, extinguishing control, fire paging and false alarm management systems.



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