Doors fit for a new world!

by Francesca

Residents deserve unquestionable comfort and safety in the post pandemic era, as do the professionals responsible for providing it.

Many things have changed over the past eighteen or more months since our world was turned upside down. However, perhaps its also true to say that some things such as expectations and fundamental living principles have just been re-evaluated and prioritised into what’s important for personal well-being. For tenants and residents living in affordable homes; whether rented or part owned, that can often be distilled into a not unreasonable must have list, which includes: fire safety and security, comfortable and durable surroundings, which demonstrate contemporary design and all of which has real environmental credentials.

As a key product in every home, interior timber doors should always exemplify these criteria, without short-cuts, compromise, or half-measures.  Being a leading manufacturer and supplier to Housing Associations, Local Authorities, social landlords and affordable homes developers, Vicaima door and doorset solutions ensure buyers and specifiers can meet not only tenant expectations, but also to satisfy their many regulatory and practical concerns at the same time.     

Vicaima Door and Doorset Solutions

Among the many challenges presented in the social housing market and indeed elsewhere, is a lack of skilled labour and for that matter resources in general, when it comes to the installation of doors on site.  This is often compounded by the reluctance of many to move beyond the somewhat antiquated 20th century practice of face finishing doors in situ, with its inherent lack of continuity, added expense and drain on time.  Fortunately, Vicaima’s extensive range of cost effective, designer led, fully finished products alleviate this concern.  However, it does not stop there. With the supply of complete doorsets (door and frame), which not only speed up the installation time; but also ensure compliance with appropriate regulations, insuring much of the uncertainty is removed.

Vicaima have always been at the forefront of regulatory and performance measures, with complete tested and certified product solutions, offering transparency and peace of mind for all.  These include Q-Mark authenticated dual scope FD30S/FD60S fire and SBD security doorsets; combining fire and acoustic rated solutions with durability and testing to PAS 24: 2016/BS 6375-2 + 3; all with a 10-year guarantee.  What’s more, given that all Vicaima products are manufactured to ISO 14001 standards and are FSC certified, you can be sure that the need to protect our planet is as important as the need to provide doors that are fit for affordable living today.  

Info Graphic – Doors for a new world

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