Eight Interior Design Trends For 2023

by Francesca

According to Expert Benji Lewis

When it comes to interiors for 2023, this year is about bold colours, 70’s glamour and an opportunity to bring personal style and vigor to your space.  Whether it’s a renovation or a refresh, interior designer Benji Lewis predicts the home décor trends for 2023 to give your kitchen, bedroom or living room that picture- perfect look.

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  1. Deep jewel colours – amethyst, blue, jade and lapis for example – used in an immaculately tailored fashion are looking good.
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  2. Pattern is contained to include just a simple geometric or stripe.
  3. Mid-century eclectica is going to be strong, but used in a chic pared back fashion in a blend of textures rather than anything cluttered.  For example a lacquered sideboard with a statement ceramic lamp with linen shade and a single good piece of glass will pack way more of a punch rather than multiple baubles and trinkets:
  4. The wardrobe Kate Middleton took with her to the US provides a good indication of where some interior trends might lie.  The super fitted grey and black houndstooth check dress with understated brass buckled belt she wore was particularly good, the controlled nature of the pattern being used in such a flattering manner.
  5. Glamour is back in all its ‘70’s smokey glass fashion, think low seated lounge sofas, with built-in acrylic end tables, sumptuous leafy woven fabrics in mid-brown shades with forest green and gold.
  6. Lighting is one that we just want to get better and better at, blend wall lighting with a statement table lamp, consider a wash of light being cast over the floor with skirting height recessed wall lights, but absolutely do not think a single pendant light (however beautiful) will cut the mustard on its own when it comes to providing a strong ambient feel to your space because it won’t.
  7. We’ve all got the memo about upcycling, it’s now hardwired into our thinking and certainly won’t be on the wane in 2023.
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  8. Look at incorporating architectural detail like panelling in your room schemes, but referencing the Savoir office in Emily in Paris, have it painted in the same colour as the walls so the whole room blends as one.

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