by Anna Startin

Garador is already recognised for its environmental policies. Now, as just one of a number of recent investments made for the future, the company has turned to solar energy.

“The amount of preparation needed for the installation was extensive,” said Garador’s Managing Director Jon Watson. “We had to refurbish and paint the roof before we could begin fitting any solar panels. Then we needed an inverter to transform the DC power from the panels into AC power to run the production machinery, along with energy monitoring equipment.


“It has been a complex process but we are confident the panels will not only help to reduce our carbon footprint but also reduce our overall electricity costs over the long-term,” he added.

The system, installed by Perfect Sense Energy, is expected to generate over 700,000 kWh of clean electricity, with return on investment in just a few years and significant reductions in CO2.

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