How To Design a Hallway To Impress

by Francesca

Hallways are often the most overlooked spaces in our homes. Most of the time they are messily chock-full with coats, shoes and paraphernalia. The hallway should set the mood and tone for your entire home and first impressions count, so give your hall the wow factor.

Dress your hallway with beautiful pieces, such as with an entry hall table or antique bevelled edge smoked mirror, to make the room appear larger. Also, display some paintings in beautiful frames for an art-gallery type look.

From clever storage solutions and stylish lighting options to statement stairs and beautiful tiles there are countless ways to create a lasting impact.

1. Add Stylish Storage

Consider an all-in-one unit that combines a coat rack and shoe storage, or a bench to sit down to take shoes on and off. A floating console table is also a smart and stylish storage idea as it offers a chic surface for a vase of flowers, keys or post.

Add an internal window to bring light in, give another view onto your front room and make the hallway space feel larger.

2. Neutral Hallway Décor for a Space-Enhancing Colour Scheme

White walls are a failsafe option for hallways, guaranteed to make the space look fresh, light and spacious. A neutral hallway décor can create the illusion of a bright, airy space especially if you are designing a small hallway. Off-whites also come in big variety of undertones, so you have endless variations to create a spacious minimalist inspired hallway design.

3. Crittal Entrance

Replacing a hallway wall with Crittall-style doors works perfectly especially in smaller properties as it makes the space feel larger and more airy.

It has the ability to completely transform your space; providing a show stopping entrance, giving it a more modern and cooler look, opening up space and enhancing light while maintaining some separation.

4. Stylish Geometric Floors for a Contemporary Hallway

Investing in geometric floor tiles is a stylish, contemporary hallway decorating idea that creates the illusion of space and can complement your chosen colour scheme. Maximise the natural light with crittal glass doors, a large mirror and furniture that blends into the rest of the scheme.

5. Make A Statement

The style of your front door should be one of the first things to consider in order to keep up with the style of the rest of the house.

Choose a design that suits your scheme such as an Edwardian style front door, which tend to be elegant and refined. These doors normally feature simple panelling and stained glass.

Consider adding a stylish statement light to be a focal point of your space. A clear shade that shows off the bulb won’t look flashy especially in a small hallway.

6. Panelled Hallways

Panelling can make a large room feel cosy and warm, it can make a small room feel wider, and it can provide real architectural interest in busy areas such as a family hallway.

7. Use Tiles for a Dramatic Effect

Every hallway deserves some love and attention, and stunning floor tiles make any space feel more welcoming. Narrow entranceways with little natural light benefit most. If your hallway has plenty of natural light, then go for a warmer colour or a bolder pattern

8. The Popularity of Runners Runs On And On

Flat weaves or carpets edged in tape are timeless options that add comfort underfoot in a contemporary style. Runners are a simple and effective way to transform the look of your staircase or hallway.

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