Leading experiential & lighting provider wins exciting new project in Saudi Arabia

by Francesca

Ventola Projects, a leading provider of experiential & lighting solutions, has recently won an exciting new project with an FEC facility based in Saudi Arabia.

With the resurgence of the FEC industry after the Covid-19 pandemic, projects such as these are incredibly important to support the revival of businesses operating in this sector.

Utilising Ventola’s innovative VAvR lighting package, which incorporates colour-changing LED lighting and inbuilt UV lighting systems, the facility will be well-equipped with innovative technology to provide guests with a memorable experience from start to finish.

Furthermore, the VAvR technology is not only just what businesses need to provide guests with an immerse and interactive experience, but it can also reduce costs due to being a far more energy efficient option for larger facilities that rely on lighting to come alive.

Speaking to Mick Ventola, founder of Ventola Projects about the project, he commented on his eagerness to get started with this huge new project:

“I’m delighted to be able to take on another big and exciting project for 2022”, Mick began.

“After already being recognised for our international works, I’m looking forward to getting started and having another fantastic project done and under our belt.”

With this new project in the pipeline, and many others lined up for the rest of the year, we’re looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Mick Ventola and his team at Ventola Projects.

For more information about Ventola Projects and its lighting solutions, visit https://ventola.co.uk/

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