Refurbishments with the future in mind?

by Francesca

Retro fitting Electric Vehicle charging points especially commercial ones can be costly, time consuming and developers can face major disruption during the installation process. Add to this the wide range of EV charging manufacturers each with different fixing arrangements for their pedestals from one model to another, it can be a bit of a wild ride tracking down all the information you need.

It was from these problems that EV Blocks were born, EV Blocks are a universal pre-cast EV charger base made in the UK and prepared in a controlled environment. Casting EV charger foundations on site can be problematic both in the winter and summer, with extreme temperatures at each end of the spectrum. We all know how being at the mercy of the weather can cause project delays and disruption to project timelines.

EV blocks can be installed for during construction phases, which allows for projects to commence before chargers have been specified or selected. With large national EV roll outs happening across multiple sites and multiple contractors completing the works, discrepancies will creep in, with an EV Block you can be sure you will get a uniform finish every time.

With futureproofing in mind if the charger needs to be changed after the project has finished, it’s just the case of replacing the adaptor plate and fitting the new charger, what could be easier?

EV Blocks founder, Trevor Palmer said: “EV technology has changed dramatically in the last ten years, imagine how many changes could take place in the next ten”

To find out more about EV Blocks you can visit, email or call us on 01733 513 777. Why not come and see us in person at the Futurebuild show London Excel from 1-3 March 2022. Stand D40.

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