Desenio launches the new season art trends to decorate your home with for the upcoming season

by Francesca

Desenio‘s four seasonal trend collections encourage you to live out your style through art, creating a home that reflects your personality.

“This autumn-winter season brings a celebration of colour, ranging from sophisticated autumnal shades to powdery terracottas and blues. Our new art collections offer something for every personality, with art styles and colour palettes reflecting this season’s biggest trends,” says Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio.

Here are the four biggest art trends to know for Autumn/Winter 2022.

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Be Mysterious

Setting the scene for a new season with a sensual colour palette, this trend merges traditional male and female elements for a look that feels timeless. Bring the feel of this sleek and elegant trend to your walls with a mix of abstract art, nature photography, and monochrome styles. The purple tint is key to this trend that adds a bit of drama to a classic autumnal palette.

Be Grounded

Let the light in this autumn with this Nordic-inspired trend. Clean and comforting, this trend honours our newfound connection with nature and the earth’s raw materials. Influenced by luxurious minimalism, sustainable materials, and blurred lines between the outdoors and inside, decorate your walls with abstract paintings and nature photography in beige, greys, powdery terracottas, and blues to achieve this look.

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Be Expressive

Dare to go all in; this season’s blue trend is expressive and matchy-matchy in the best of ways. The colour palette is inspired by the sea and the sky, ranging from aqua tones to classic blues, with a touch of green. Decorate your space in trending blue shades, tone-on-tone, or as a single statement.

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Mix and match different art styles in blue hues to infuse this calming yet modern look into your home.

Be Retro

Turn back time this autumn, inspired by a nostalgic colour palette with a modern twist. Cool browns mixed with forest greens and a splash of red create that cosy, retro vibe that acts as the perfect backdrop for a unique home. Nature photography combined with still life paintings and modern graphic art sets the tone for this style and creates perfect harmony between traditional and contemporary elements.

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