Tecturis taps from Hansgrohe – bringing water to life with a new design

by Anna Startin

Gently flowing like a small stream, powerfully rushing like a waterfall or smoothly calm like a lake: water is changeable and pure. The new Tecturis line of taps from hansgrohe picks up on the aesthetic and functional beauty of water and brings it to life in a new way. 

In two design languages, Tecturis S and Tecturis E taps celebrate daily water routines and, thanks to EcoSmart+ and CoolStart technology, ensures lower water and energy consumption, while delivering an outstanding water experience. Comfort, performance, sustainability, and architectural principles are intertwined at every detail.

Design Meets Functionality

To express a bespoke bathroom style, the architectural tap line is available in two design variations. With its gentle curves and soft lines, the Tecturis S blends harmoniously into various bathroom ambiences and ensures peace and relaxation. The Tecturis E emphasises a reduced, straightforward style with its modern, cubic design.

To fully adapt to individual tastes and enhance the bathroom ambience, both tap lines are available in four hansgrohe FinishPlus surfaces: chrome, matt black, matt white, and brushed bronze.

In addition to its sleek design, Tecturis offers maximum convenience, featuring a side cartridge that is harmoniously integrated into the design of both lines. The simple side operation of the delicate handle ensures less water splashes on the surface of the fitting, reducing the amount of cleaning required. In addition, a flat integrated spray regulator alleviates the formation of limescale.

Designed With Sustainability In Mind

Equipped with innovative hansgrohe EcoSmart+ technology, the Tecturis range reduces water consumption to a maximum of four litres per minute – delivering a further 20 percent reduction in flow compared to hansgrohe EcoSmart products – while maintaining the same level of comfort.

And, thanks to the integrated CoolStart technology, hot water only flows when it is needed. With the handle of Tecturis running in parallel to the base body, the CoolStart function is intuitive to use, and hot water is only activated when the handle is actively moved downwards. As a result, energy for hot water production can be saved.

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