DIY: How to make geometric patterns at home

by Francesca

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, shares a step-by-step guide to putting stylish geometric patterns on your feature wall.  

“All you need to create a geometric feature wall are a few favourite colours in Dulux Simply Refresh, a paintbrush and small roller plus a roll or two of good decorator’s masking tape.” 

Step 1: Choose your colours  

For the best results with a feature wall of geometric shapes, choose colours that are from a similar colour family like Tranquil Dawn, Mineral Mist, Denim Drift, and Cornflower White. Try and stick to a maximum of 4 or 5 shades too. 

Step 2: Get your base colour in 

Paint the wall in a base colour and let it dry fully before you begin the next step – you don’t want to peel off half-dry paint with your masking tape! 

Step 3: Create angular shapes using masking tape 

Create angled geometric shapes using good quality masking tape that is designed to give you a clean edge (ask for advice at your local DIY shop or decorators merchants). Tip: Use children’s chalk to mark out the rough design and then straighten up the lines with masking tape before applying the paint. 

Step 4: Get creative  

Go 3D! For a different more graphic geometric shape effect, try painting over the tape so when it’s removed, the background wall colour becomes a part of the design.   

Go round: Circles and arches are becoming very popular painted features on walls where they draw attention to spaces in a gentle more organic way than blocks and geometric shapes.   

Create a circle or arch shape using a bit of string tied to a drawing pin and a piece of chalk.  Find the centre of the circle and push in the pin, then extend the string to the edge of the circle and tie on the chalk. Keep the string tight and draw your circle then tape round the edge with bendy masking tape and fill in with a paintbrush or small roller (you can buy bendy masking tape online or at Dulux Decorator Centres).     

Raise the ceiling: Don’t forget your ceiling can be a feature wall. Try painting a soft, pale colour like Mineral Mist Simply Refresh onto the ceiling and bring it down by 25 to 30cm onto walls painted in Cornflower White.

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