Garador’s highly insulated and extra secure garage doors

by Francesca

The way forward for modern homes

Today, insulation is key in any home…but one area that is often neglected is the garage.

Britain’s leading garage door maker Garador now offers a range of premium sectional garage doors designed to offer especially high levels of insulation as well as extra security. A thermally insulated garage not only helps to keep items in the garage warm and dry, but if the garage adjoins the main house, this extra insulation can help to lower overall heating bills as well.

Garador’s premium sectional garage doors have been designed with 42 mm thick double-skin steel sections, evenly filled with 100% CFC-free PU rigid foam with a seal between each section.

Attention has been given to every detail to maximise insulation including sturdy rubber weather seals on all sides of the door to help keep the elements out.

These exceptionally engineered sectional garage doors also offer a number of special security features, ensuring they qualify for SBD accreditation, a nationally respected feature that helps bring more peace of mind to a house owner.

As with any major aspect of a home, design is key and Garador has ensured that while these garage doors offer outstanding insulation and security, they also excel in other facets to suit modern properties. A very minimalist modern appearance is perfectly suited to contemporary architecture characterised by individuality, but it is also practical with door sections that lift vertically and run on tracks back into the garage. This means there is no “kick-out” from the door and parking right up close is possible.

Insulated segment sectional doors

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