GROHE’s retrofit Bau Ceramic Manual Bidet Seat turns existing WCs into hygienic shower toilets, perfect for smaller budget projects

by Francesca

GROHE Bau Ceramic: A Manual Bidet Seat with easy installation and no electricity required

  • A retrofit seat that can transform your existing toilet into a hygienic shower toilet for less
  • Two shower arms for precise, all-natural cleaning that is kinder to the environment
  • Easy to use for a fresh feeling all day long

Consumers have become increasingly aware of the benefits of Japanese-style shower toilets in recent years, and for those looking for a more affordable system that can still offer all the hygiene and eco benefits, GROHE has the ultimate solution with its retrofit Bau Ceramic Manual Bidet Seat. Designed to be the perfect introduction into the world of shower toilets and the wealth of benefits they offer, this design is ideal for DIY installations, budget bathroom revamps and quick turnkey projects.

With no electrical supply required, the Bau Manual Bidet Seat can be fitted quickly and easily by all bathroom fitters, plumbers, builders and installers – and with its sleek, modern styling, it complements all bathroom suites. This smart, fuss-free upgrade is also the perfect way of making the bathroom more hygienic and environmentally friendly, too. Its retractable spray arms feature an antibacterial coating and a self-cleaning function. The spray function works with water pressure (1-10 bar high water pressure) – first the spray arm extends into position, then an inner valve opens to allow the water flow to begin. Before and after use, the user can simply click the lever at the side of the seat once in an upwards or downwards motion to activate a pre- or post-rinsing of the spray nozzles. When the sprays are no longer in use, they contract back into position, hidden from view until the next use.

For smart personal care, the Bau Manual Bidet Seat offers a wealth of benefits. It’s easy to install, easy to use, practical, hygienic and stylish. Its soft-close seat and lid match perfectly with GROHE Bau Ceramic toilets as well as many other U-shaped toilets, and paper templates are available to help you check if your project is compatible. A great way of updating the bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite without any fuss, mess or hassle – and all at an affordable price for the consumer, too.

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