Home Improvement Drive Warrants More Window Customisation

by Francesca

As homeowners look for more ways to take pride in their homes, installers and fabricators should look to expand their window offering with new customisation options, says a leading polymer specialist.

Following further growth in the home improvement market during the pandemic – a trend that is not set to change any time soon, according to the recently-published Checkatrade Home Pride Index – REHAU is making significant investments across its window business into hardware and accessories. Malcolm Taylor, Commercial Product Manager at REHAU, is spearheading the rollout and advocates that offering more choice of the finer window details will help tradespeople stand out from competitors in a buoyant market. 

The latest launch sees REHAU enhance its highly successful Rio flush fit window with a range of Monkey Tail and Tear Drop Handles, along with complementary stays and pegs. These are particularly suited to homeowners seeking a traditional timber window aesthetic.

Malcolm comments: “Through 2020 we’ve seen a remarkable rise in the number of people undertaking home renovation projects and we’re not expecting this to slow down in the coming year, given that around 79% are looking to make further improvements on their home. One of the top focuses last year was on windows, with 15% of homeowners looking to install new windows.”

“More recently, there’s been a renewed focus on system accessories which offer consumers more choice when it comes to style and colour. We are responding to this trend by developing additional products that match the quality of our profiles”.

The new REHAU Rio Hardware range features key-locking handles that are designed to fit REHAU’s TOTAL70C and TOTAL70S profiles. This aims to provide installers and fabricators with peace of mind that the hardware is quality-assured to the usual REHAU standard, and simplifies the hardware procurement process.

Malcolm adds: “All our products are designed to enhance modern life and not only has spending more time at home boosted the renovation market, more focus is being placed on fresh air supply via windows. The new Rio TOTAL70 Chamfered and Sculptured Pegs are just another feature that allow homeowners to open the windows at pre-defined distances, in style.”

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