Kitchen Window Design Secrets Revealed!

by Francesca
  • When styling your kitchen, it’s important to consider where your light sources are coming from.
  • Wren Kitchens have revealed the top kitchen design tips to suit the window set up in your home.

When designing your dream kitchen, it’s important to consider where your light sources are and how that will affect the overall feel of your space. You don’t want to spend money to make the centre of your home feel too dark or too small. It’s all about LIGHT.

Wren Kitchens have revealed the things you need to consider when designing your kitchen based on your windows! Taking into consideration window position and size, this guide sheds light on all your kitchen concerns.

Darren Watts, Wren Kitchens Showroom Development and Design Director, said: “Natural light is often overlooked during the design process and it’s important to maximise it with some clever design tips and tricks to truly transform the look and feel of your kitchen space. The more light from windows and doors can create a bigger and more elegant design, so if your space is north facing or lacks any natural light, work with an expert designer who can guide you in terms of design, colour and material choices. The colour of your units play a key role in bouncing light around the room, but you can also use mirror-like appliances and glistening Xena Quartz worktops that help reflect light to create the appearance of a more spacious room.”

North Facing Windows

With North facing windows only getting light in the latter part of the day, it’s important to make your space as bright as possible. Try to not crowd the window with cabinets either side as that will limit the brightness of your space. Choose brighter colours for your walls and surfaces to keep it light and airy – this is particularly important if your space is on the smaller side also

South Facing Windows

An open plan kitchen with a south facing window will get the majority of its light during the day. With this in mind, when choosing the colour for your kitchen, you have the option to go for a darker palette (greens, browns, black) as natural light will be in your favour during the day. You can also use your south facing window to frame a kitchen focal point like the sink. This makes the layout of your kitchen seem purposeful and considered highlighting the design qualities.

Windowless Kitchens

Although uncommon, kitchens can be designed without windows if necessary. When considering styling choices for a windowless kitchen, two key points must take precedence: ventilation and brightness. Extractor fans or range hoods will improve ventilation easily to ensure your kitchen remains a clean and safe environment. When it comes to brightness, choosing white walls and LED spotlights will help illuminate your kitchen.

The Skylight

The major benefit of having a skylight in your kitchen is that you have daylight all day long which can have an impact on your design choices. Firstly, countertops should be a lighter colour as skylights heat up your kitchen more so than any other window type. However, due to the amount and consistency of the light, skylit kitchens allow for a darker colour palette to be explored on the walls. For example, a dark grey adds depth and makes other colours in your space pop.

Window Size

When considering design choices for your space – the size of the window is also an important element to consider. You may have a south facing window that get’s light all day but if that window is on the smaller side, then there are a few extra things to keep in mind.

Firstly, if the windows in your kitchen are small consider smarter storage solutions to keep your surfaces minimal. Having clutter and small windows can make your kitchen feel enclosed!

On the other hand, if you have windows that are larger, empty surfaces can make the space feel less homely. Consider installing some wall cabinets with glass fronts to mimic the aesthetic of a pantry. This will add charm and character to your space and keep things cosy.

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