Lapitec sintered stone for bathrooms

by Francesca

Lapitec is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, horizontal and vertical surfaces, the bathroom, including shower trays, baths and surrounds, as well as mini-pools, saunas, and tops and doors for washbasin vanity units.

Completely free of surface pores, sintered stone can be used in direct contact with water and cleaning agents without suffering any damage, and ensures remarkable hygiene and safety properties thanks to its entirely silica-free composition and the highly slip-resistant finishes available.

The large dimensions of the slabs, available in an XXL format of up to up to 1540 mm x 3440 mm, allows shower coverings to be designed with clean lines owing to the absence of joints and gaps. The workability of the material – which can be cut and engraved to optimum aesthetic effect thanks to its “full body” structure – facilitates the customisation and creation of units, in a variety of styles and colours. From warm tones to absolute white – with through-body veining in the Musa collection – to the shades of grey and black, sintered stone offers a bathroom palette par excellence, where the use of natural tones promotes well-being.

Lapitec is available in three thicknesses, 12, 20 and 30 mm, and is resistant to shocks and scratches, alterations due to the effect of UV rays, temperature variations and extreme temperatures. It creates an inhospitable environment for mould and bacteria and offers excellent performance underwater, while maintaining its appearance perfectly.

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