Make your living room cosy for autumn, an interior designer shares her secrets

by Francesca

We saw the last of the sun yesterday and now Autumn is truly on its way. Depending on which season is your favourite, you might be excited to get wrapped up or dreading the colder nights. One thing you can do, bring the cosy autumnal vibes into your living room as there is no better feeling then being warm this season. There are many little tricks you can incorporate in your home to feel cosy, without turning up the central heating!

Nothing sounds better than being cosy in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate! To help you, we’ve enlisted help from interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott who shares her tips to bring autumn in.

1)    Home fragrance

Updating your home fragrance is a simple way to introduce the new season into your home. The ambience of your room is identified by the scent, and you can find one which not only matches the season but the décor of your room. Go for rich and warm scents combining bergamot, frankincense and amber, to match the autumn landscape outdoors and sit well with an open fireplace.

2)     Add rugs to hard flooring

During the summer, hard words and tiled floors are great. When autumn approaches and the temperature drops, they can feel less comfortable and make rooms seem colder. Adding a large woollen rug can give your living room extra texture and warmth. Place your rug just under the front legs of your sofa and completely under your coffee table. Keep it neutral with a plain colour or a light pattern. You can change the entire ambience by picking a bright coloured abstract rug.

3)    Mood lighting

The end of summer means the beginning of shorter days and darker afternoons. This is a great opportunity to get working on indoor light to find the perfect ambience. A scented candle is excellent mood-setter for your living room. If you have a fireplace, make this your primary light source for cold evenings Low light form table lamps are an excellent addition, use warm LED light bulbs to add additional warmth and comfort to your room, the more yellow the light, the cosier you will feel.

4)    Throws and pillows

A cosy room isn’t complete without extra throws and pillows you can cuddle up to! If you have a leather or bright coloured sofa, opt for neutral or contrasting dark shades to tone your living room and make it weather appropriate. Buy a few textured throws and matching pillows, layer them up or drape them over the arms. Not only does it help keep you warm, but it also looks inviting. Oranges, reds and caramel are great tones for this time of the year, they will transform your sofa and indeed the whole room.

5)    Woodland motifs

Bring the autumn woodland landscape inside by accessorising your soft furnishings with forest animal prints and natural organic shapes. Nature inspired schemes are popular during autumn with rabbits, deer and owls setting the scene and providing a peaceful vibe. Incorporate these motifs with warm reds and golds and neutrals.

6)     Curtains update

The season change is a great opportunity to get yourself a new pair of curtains. When it gets dark and rainy outside, drawing your curtains can make your living room warmer and cosier. For autumn/winter, beautiful linen curtains with insulating inter lining are a must. Again, choose warm colours such as reds and oranges to create the ultimate warm ambience.

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