Marchese Partners rebrands to Life3A

by Francesca

Marchese Partners to be known as Life3A in UK and Europe

International firm Marchese Partners is rebranding to Life3A in the UK and Europe in a strategic move that will focus on a more holistic approach to designing and delivering solutions for the third age.

Marchese Partners was first founded in Sydney, Australia in 1994, and for the past two decades has been on a mission to improve the quality of later living and care offered globally. Now, under its new identity as Life3A, the practice is evolving its focus beyond the built environment to provide a unified brand of later living services that incorporates design, research, and strategic advice.

Life3A will operate under a new leadership team in the UK and Europe led by Stewart Dean and Anne-Marie Nicholson, who share an award-winning portfolio of work and passion for later living, lifestyle, and care solutions. Life3A will be independent of the Marchese Partners Group, which will trade under its name in the APAC region only.

Stewart says: “For the past two decades, we have been on a mission to improve the quality of later living and care across the world. What we have learned is that it takes more than just design to improve the lives of older people. In a world that is rapidly changing, our ageing population requires a similar approach, and we are committed to evolving our mission and purpose to meet their needs. This approach goes beyond design and is an opportunity to make a serious difference to how we live. It’s about research, technology, and forward-thinking partnerships that work together to improve the lives of older people.”

Anne-Marie adds: “Under this new identity, we’re bringing together the best thinkers in the world of later living so we can continue to lead the way and create communities that celebrate the lives of older people. With a global outlook, we can design, deliver, and draw on research and knowledge from an international pool of experts who all share the same passion.”

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