Millions of Brits haven’t changed how their home looks in more than 10 years

by Francesca

New research, which was commissioned for this year’s International Wallpaper Week, has revealed that while 68% of people have decorated since covid, more than two million Brits haven’t updated their home in more than ten years, with a quarter (26%) saying they lack motivation to do so. It seems only a quarter of Brits are completely happy with the overall interior design of the home, and the thought of doing anything about it is too much to handle – more than half (57%) say they’re still nervous about the very idea of putting up wallpaper and out of making changes to their homes as a result.

The survey also found that we are very quick to judge other people’s homes. Nearly two-thirds of Brits (61%) said they thought the interiors of their friend’s or family’s homes looked dated when they last visited them, but it works both ways. 49% said they were worried about what their friends and family might think about their homes when they came over.

Only 25% of people are totally happy with how their home looks and 33% of people said that the current interior design of their home does not have a positive effect on their mental health.

Head of Design at Graham & Brown, Maryanne Cartwright says, “Our first thought when decorating our homes isn’t normally our wellbeing, however the surrounding energy of our homes eventually contributes to the energy we give out. There are a few ways in which we can set up our homes to be beneficial to our mental health and create not only a beautiful home, but a positive one. Bringing the outside in through biophilic design and adding some nature to your walls can help increase our mental health, productivity, and overall well-being.

Colours also have a crucial impact on our mindsets and feelings. For example, red brings out our angry, hyper and energetic side. Meanwhile, yellow shines a light on our happier selves.”

57% of people are still nervous about putting up wallpaper, and out of making changes to their homes as a result.

Interiors Expert, James Greenwood shares his top tips when it comes to wallpapering, ‘All Graham & Brown wallpaper products are now paste the wall, which makes application and removal really easy, so we’d encourage everyone to give it a go, you’d be surprised how easy it is. So easy you can change your space as often as your wardrobe! You can test this in a small area of the home, wallpapering a section of a room to create a zoning affect is a great way to create multi-purpose spaces such as reading nooks, or workspaces.”

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