New door sizes on Garador Carlton and Horizon Garage Doors

by Francesca

Garador’s recent launch of higher garage doors has proved a big success.

Garador introduced new 6’8’’ and 7’2’’ door heights to the size range for their popular Carlton and Horizon up and over garage doors back in April this year. The sales of these new height doors have increased steadily through the summer months and now winter orders are exceeding expectations.

“Our commercial and engineering teams are constantly looking at new ideas and trends to ensure our garage doors remain leaders in the UK market,” said Garador’s Managing Director Neil Discombe. “The idea of taller garage doors was examined to fit in with the increase of larger family vehicles on the road, but it also made sense for many new builds where standard imperial size 6’6” and 7’0” garage door heights don’t always match standard openings.”

Garador’s new 6’8” and 7’2” garage door heights, which include a 6mm fitting tolerance, offer a perfect fit for more common standard brickwork opening sizes. This means there is no need for uPVC cladding, saving both time and materials.”

The new height doors are available for both the Carlton and Horizon door models. These doors are recognised for their exceptional value, durability and design.

Constructed from high grade galvanised steel, they are low maintenance and come with a strong box section chassis with superior lifting gear. The design is rivet free and with their vertical or horizontal lineage and a huge range of colours, these doors are an excellent match for both modern and traditional homes. Security is important and both door designs come with a secure euro cylinder and solid locking rods as standard. Furthermore, both doors can be upgraded to Secure by Design specification if required.

The new 6’8” door heights in the range can be supplied with either canopy or retractable lifting gear, whilst the 7’2” door heights are available with retractable lifting gear only.

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