Office Interior Design Lighting Trends

by Francesca

Create a space with wellbeing

With the mood of employees having such a significant impact on the results of a company, it’s not surprising that employers are keen to design offices that motivate and stimulate their workforce.  In recent years it has become clear that lighting has a big effect on people’s wellbeing, alertness and productivity at work.  In the past, lighting design has often focused on lighting specific tasks, such as reading or looking at computer screens, which has been at the expense of how light affects the person.  To strike the right balance, we need to light not just the task, but also the space and the person, so people can feel comfortable when carrying out their work.

Incorporating zones of decorative lighting will help to make the workplace feel more homely and cosy, also creating a happier work environment.  With flexible working hours, the lines between work, home and social lives are much more blurred and therefore having a more homely vibe in the workplace will help staff to stay focused and keep creative juices flowing.

Human-centric design: Design with your employees in mind

Biophilic design is becoming more than a trend; it is a scientifically proven philosophy of our innate connection with nature and natural elements. Modern humans spend about 90% of their time indoors, which has resulted in an outcry for a deeper connection with nature. This has inspired architects to use nature as the framework, allowing aspects of nature to be built into the indoor environment. This has affected the lighting aspect of office space design immensely, demanding greater amounts of natural light as well as softer lighting instead of windowless cubicles under fluorescent lighting.

Take control of your Energy

It’s easier than ever to make energy savings in office lighting and by spending a little more upfront on things such as LED lighting and smart controls, big savings will be enjoyed in the long run.  Modern LED lighting designs come in all shapes and sizes and our vintage LED bulbs are stylish yet cost-effective and eco-friendly. Try combining the LED lighting which allows a space to be bright, alongside some retro and stylish pendants to make the workplace feel more homely and on trend, for an in turn helping to increase creativity.

Industville’s in-house design team, architects and lighting designers have a wealth of experience in office lighting design, whatever the size or needs of your project.  The team are on hand to offer their expert advice and with their huge range of quality lighting solutions, including bespoke options, they are always ready to help.

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