Liberty’s Food Hall & Industville

by Francesca

A variety of our UK designed, handcrafted and high-quality lights were chosen by Liberty London for various areas in their food hall.

Lighting in retail is an essential aspect of interior design, as it set the scene, puts a focus on what the brand wants to portray and gives the customers the perfect amount of light to enjoy a positive shopping experience.

Adding a trio of matching lights over their Customer Service desk, not only do the lights guide customers to where they need to be but also make the desk look elegant and inviting.

Opting for a variety of our glass pendants, these were placed over the best-selling products to direct customers to the products they want to be drawn to in addition to creating a focal space in the store.  As well as a trio of lights, Liberty also placed a duo of glass pendants in the window display to entice customers into the store.

Steeped in rich history, the heritage of Liberty London is all about bringing luxury to London.  Needing to bring the handcrafted feel of the brand to life, our glass lights were the perfect way to add elegance and directional design into their store.

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