Osprey Charging Network and Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife have announced a new partnership to support osprey conservation at Glaslyn Ospreys.

by Francesca

Osprey is one of the fastest growing UK networks of rapid Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points, with over 300 already live on major routes and in towns and cities.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey, said:

“At Osprey Charging, our purpose is to create a healthier planet for current and future generations. Primarily we do this through our growing public EV charging network, built carefully for the long-term and enabling more zero emission miles to be driven each day.

“The desire to preserve and protect goes beyond transport, however, and one of the reasons we chose Osprey as a name was to symbolise our commitment to a healthy natural environment.

“By partnering with charity Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife, we can materially contribute to osprey conservation and education, as well as the wider environmental stewardship of the centre and ultimately the long-term restoration of these protected birds in the UK.

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The Glaslyn Valley near Porthmadog, Gwynedd is home to Wales’ oldest breeding female osprey, known as Mrs G. The Glaslyn Ospreys Visitor Centre and Hide gives thousands of visitors every year the opportunity to observe and learn about ospreys.

The partnership will see Osprey Charging provide three new telescopes and tripods for the brand new and improved hide at the Centre, as well as new visitor information boards and a Family Tree of the Glaslyn Osprey Dynasty.

Gwyn Harrison, Chairman of the charity’s Board of Trustees, said : “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Osprey and are grateful for their generous support in helping us provide new equipment and information material for the Hide.

“From the Hide, visitors can use telescopes to get clear views of the Glaslyn osprey nest, as well as a nearby, newer nest. Live broadcasts from the Glaslyn nest are also streamed directly to both the Visitor Centre and the hide throughout the day. During last season over 19 different ospreys, including Mrs G and her partner Aran were sighted on or around the Glaslyn nest and in the Valley.

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This year, Mrs G returned to the Glaslyn nest from her winter in warmer climes (the majority of UK ospreys migrate to Western Africa, 3000 miles away) on the 26 March. Her partner Aran returned soon after and the pair have three eggs in their nest.

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Mrs G already has five chicks and three grand chicks known to be breeding elsewhere in the UK, and a total of 112 grand chicks and ten great grand chicks that the project know of.

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