The Home Interior Trends That Are Set to Define 2023, by Andrew Henry Interiors

by Francesca

Allowing an expression of personality and style, interior design can create a powerful and calming escape from the bustling world outside. Whilst this year was all about reclaiming the space given over to home working, expect to see trends that are shaped by health and wellbeing and other external influences like environmental and social issues in 2023.

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Constantly evolving, interior trends bring fun and interest into our home spaces and this year’s significant trends embrace elegant colour palettes, nature and curiosity. They also demonstrate how design can create not only a look, but also an energy.

Future Eden

This trend explores a new symbiosis between the best of urban and natural environments. In a world where car-first thinking is slowly being replaced by cycling and walking and people are progressively seeking much-needed rural escapism, the home is becoming a personal Eden-inspired environment. Biophilic designs are here to stay, and this trend adds a contemporary twist to the beloved ecological-influenced look, with earthy depths lightening industrial aesthetics.

Nature brings decoration and colour to urban environments as pockets of green appear among the grey and design direction is eco-conscious. Clever storage solutions, oak materials and indoor foliage are at the heart of designs that shape this theme.

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 Varying shades of green, ranging from earthy Dill to purposely artificial-looking Jelly Bean are key for this trend, particularly when paired with pops of Bluejay or Cream Gold to enhance the outdoor feel. A base of Silver Lining, Dark Gull Gray or Sandstorm introduce brighter nuances and bolder contrasts.

 Age of Sensitivity

To create a reassuring environment where people feel safe and understood is an interior craft. Schemes should foster gentleness, harnessing calming aesthetics, therapeutic colour and soothing textures. The home is a place for nurturing intimate relationships; meticulously placed furniture such as Tête-à-tête seating configurations encourages people to spend time together and becomes the entertainment heart of the home. Additionally, minimal decoration promotes thoughtfulness and minimises ‘busyness’ within the home, emphasising the contemporary need for escapism and stillness.

 Gentle combinations of sophisticated pastels are perfect for delicate layering of colour, supporting the soothing effect of this theme. Blue Wing Teal and Raspberry Radiance inject a sense of strength to the soft and relatively light hues of this as this palette, which naturally lends itself to tonal gradients and elegant compositions.


Radiating and reminiscing a joyous summer feel, this trend exudes the uplifting atmosphere of a holiday retreat. Interiors are injected with a symphony of colours; astonishingly vibrant shades casually blended with desert-inspired hues. This new trend breathes a fresh lease of life into our homes through an eclectic mix of fun vases and floral arrangements complemented with fabrics featuring spectacular blooms and fruit inspired prints.

 Vibrant combinations of Peach Pink, Fiesta and Daylily create a juicy palette, oozing the flavour of sweet fruit. This sun-loving colour wheel elicits a sense of happiness, reminiscent of joyful days spent by the pool, whilst brighter shades are softened with Mellow Yellow and Bisque. Introduce lighter woods into outdoor dining areas as well as touches of greenery to mimic an alfresco vibe.

 Altered States

This atmospheric trend enables homemakers to create a stimulating and invigorating space. Eye-tricking design caters to the growing desire for the unexpected and unusual through an abundance of colours, striking patterns and a mixture of texture.

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Echoing this, abstract furniture directs gazes to certain points of the room whilst the incorporation of Royal Blue displays sophistication within this otherwise playful setting.

Deep, bold and inherently luminous nuances reflect the immersive, unconventional vibe of this trend. Homely yet intriguing, mauves and purples from Orchid Haze to harmonising Hushed Violet are shot through with a pop of acidic Yellow Plum and vivid Iris Orchid.

Lead designer at Andrew Henry Interiors, Paul Garland concludes: “These trends reflect how society is evolving, particularly with the increased concern for the environment and nature, as well as a better understanding of unique personalities. There’s been increased recognition of the direct influence that our homes have, not only on our moods, but on our overall health and well-being.  It’s no surprise that the top interior design trends for 2023 are focused on making us feel emotionally at ease. Each trend offers a wide variation of colour combinations, textures and furnishings, so there is something for everyone and they can be adapted to all homes and personal styles.”

Future Eden by Hive Architecture
Age of Sensitivity Drop it Modern 1
Drop it Modern 2
Reutov Design
ltered States by Charlotte Taylor x Joe Mortell

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