4 home refurbishments that can improve your mental health

by Francesca

It’s commonly understood that being exposed to nature and the glories of the outside world is good for your mental health. From natural light and fresh air to rich greenery and vitamin D, there is an abundance of healthy components available to everyone, as long as they venture outdoors.

But what if you want to experience these rejuvenating benefits from the comfort of your own home? Your space should be just as revitalising as the great outdoors, for the good of your own mental health.

Jonathan Hey, the founder of Aliwood Roof Lanterns, has provided us with some insight into the multiple ways you can adapt your home to invite in all the necessities of a healthy and energised mind – without breaking the bank.


There have been countless studies over the years focused around the big question, ‘will houseplants improve your mental health?’. The results are varied but the overwhelming outcry that they help to reduce stress, and even assist in lowering high blood-pressure, should not go unheard.

Understandably, taking care of plants isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but many people have stated that the plant’s dependence on them is motivating. The simple act of watering your philodendron each morning could potentially give you the little boost you need to start the day with a positive mindset.

Of course, there are plenty of plants that don’t require daily care. You can surround yourself with lush greenery in the undemanding form of succulents and cacti – which only require a few drops of water a month. However, regardless of your plant choice, having plenty of natural light is always a huge plus when introducing greenery to your home.

Invest in a roof lantern

A roof lantern is the optimum way of establishing a firm source of natural light in your residence. Building an entire conservatory really isn’t necessary in the endeavor to get your daily dose of vitamin D from the comfort of your own home.

Harsh artificial lighting can’t provide us with the same benefits as the sun’s own rays. Even the warmer glow emitted by a selection of lamps and fairy lights doesn’t have the valuable qualities associated with natural light. There really is no replacing the real thing.

After the initial expenditure of having the roof lantern fitted, you will begin to see the savings as your lights stay off and the daylight comes flooding in. Your home will retain the warmth of the day’s sun, as well as brightening up both your home and mind with the gentle tranquility that only mother nature can bring.

Choose the right colours

Sometimes a simple change of colour is all that’s needed to get yourself in the right headspace. Why not take some inspiration from our roof lanterns and show your bright side by adding a touch of yellow to the bleaker areas of your home.

The colour yellow is reminiscent of a contented warmth; a feeling that is sure to flow through you as you stand back and appreciate the new-found equanimity of your home. But even if yellow isn’t for you, a fresh coat of paint – in the colour of your choice – could be just what you need to break out of your slump.

Have a clear out

No matter how many plants you have dotted about, or how much natural light can permeate your space, if your home is ridden with clutter and junk, your mental health is going to struggle to improve. There is a huge amount of truth to the adage ‘tidy room; tidy mind’, as you will discover after clearing out all the clutter.

Be it old clothes, outdated wires or just general mess, it’s incredible how easily these scattered and forgotten items can drag us down without us even realising. Once your space is tidy it will feel like a weight has been lifted. You will finally be able to bask in the glow of your roof lantern, as the light of day shines down on your satisfyingly spruce home, with a sense of uplifted fulfilment.

Jonathan Hey


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