5 New Year’s Resolutions for Renters to Tackle in 2021

by Francesca
  1. Reorganise your space

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it is also the messiest. Having to deal with all the clutter caused by Christmas can feel overwhelming, and finding places to put all your brand new coats, shoes and handbags may seem impossible- particularly for renters.

Make your space organised by selling, donating or discarding any unwanted stuff that has been sitting at the back of the wardrobe for months. By creating this free space , you will already start to feel refreshed and much more neat and tidy. 

2. Have a spring clean

Giving your home a good spring clean makes you feel good, but as you become distracted during the festive season, leaving it for too long can be easily done.

To avoid the build up of dirt, make a cleaning schedule of little and often to keep on top of it, that way you won’t feel overwhelmed by a bigger clean. A build up of dust on your surfaces can trigger red, itchy eyes or a runny nose, so by dusting your surfaces just once a week you will already feel a huge difference. 

3. Give your apartment decor a New Year’s makeover

As we start the New Year, spring will be here in no time, so why not get ahead of the game and incorporate some new, fresh colours into your home’s decor. 

Rumour has it the colour trends for spring/summer seasons will include orange, red and blue shades, as well as four key neutral shades including universal khaki, dark blue, shiny white and ashen. 

You don’t need to paint the walls- many renters can’t anyway- but just by purchasing some cushions or lampshades in these colours, it may just give your home that modern refresh you wanted all along.  

4. Invest in your home office

As remote working looks like it will be around longer than we thought, maybe it’s time to get your home workspace up to scratch. 

Living in an apartment will give you less choice on which room to work in, but if you can, the best way is to set up at the kitchen table or a desk and if possible, work near a window since natural light improves concentration. 

More importantly, invest in comfort and get an office chair with lumbar support. For a cost-effective alternative, place a small pillow at the curve of your lower back. You can also get an ergonomic keyboard with wrist support.

All credit to: https://www.essentialliving.co.uk/ 

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