Another brick in the wall

by Anna Startin

The first steel pedestrian gate has been fully integrated into its historic surroundings at Everton Stadium.

Restoration work has been ongoing to rebuild the Grade II Listed wall around the galvanised steel gate, which was lifted into one of three new pedestrian access points on the eastern boundary of the site last November.

Stones that had been removed to create the space were all individually catalogued, photographed and numbered for later reintroduction by heritage specialists.

And experts from Specialist UK Restorations, based in Ormskirk, have now completed their work to replace the stones in their original positions and ensure the wall is rebuilt sympathetic to the appearance of the historic structure.

Three main pedestrian access points on Regent Road, all manufactured less than half a mile from the stadium site by Warbreck Engineering, are to be installed in total.

These will be central to the flow of all visitors to the stadium, as all entry will be via the eastern side of the site.

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