Daikin presents a series of unique webinars to support its participation to the ISH21 digital edition

by Francesca

Several weeks ago, Daikin confirmed its presence at ISH 21, the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water, which will be held virtually from March 22nd until March 26th. Daikin is happy to e-meet new stakeholders, present new products, including two world premieres, and stress the importance of sustainability in HVAC during the fair. Daikin will do this by presenting a series of high-quality and unique webinars throughout the week about various topics such as the renovation wave, indoor air quality or circular economy, among others. The webinars will also provide insights on the theme “Transform with Daikin”, with the word “transform” depicting not only the transformation of outside air into energy thanks to heat pumps, but also the transformation of the HVAC sector to a more sustainable one.

As a European company, Daikin Group has the objective to be carbon neutral by 2050. Achieving this goal will be made possible by implementing strict refrigerant policies and by spreading the word about heat pumps. The planet is asking for change, and Daikin Europe is determined to lead the many changes that lie ahead. It is therefore vital for all stakeholders to know how Daikin plans to tackle these changes.

Patrick Crombez, General Manager Heating and Renewables at Daikin Europe: “In a series of unique webinars during the ISH21 fair, Daikin will stress the importance of sustainable development of heating and shine a light on new products and solutions. Some webinars will provide basic knowledge about how heat pumps work and how they are vital for a sustainable future, others dig deeper into various Daikin products.

Webinars on sustainability, transformation of the heating sector and indoor air quality

The webinars will focus on three key elements: sustainability, indoor air quality and transformation of the heating sector. Sustainability is a key element that subtends all Daikin’s products and solutions. It is therefore the common thread in all webinars. It will also get dedicated attention in the webinar “Refrigerants & circular economy”.

In residential applications, Daikin always pushes further the technology progress. Perfera is the most recent air conditioner launch, combining sustainability and indoor air quality. Daikin also presents a general webinar to tackle misconceptions about air conditioning.

From there, the webinar “The renovation wave” will explain how the heating sector can be transformed into a sustainable one.

Indoor air quality is a hot topic in residential as well as commercial applications. Daikin presents a general webinar about all its climate solutions for optimized indoor air quality, next to devoted webinars with hotel and house examples. If you’re looking for commercial product presentations, Daikin also offers insights on its brand-new R-32 VRV 5 as well as air handling units.

To transform the world we live in, sustainable climate solutions are essential. Heat pumps are ready today to fit in any application, from residential to commercial, to detached house to apartment buildings, from shops to hotels… As a European company with strong commitment to and leadership in the European heating and heat pump markets, Daikin plays a key role in informing stakeholders about the sustainable possibilities of the heating and heat pump sector.

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