Expert comment on shifting hospitality interior design trends

by Francesca

Katie Thomas, founder at KTM Design:

“Now more than ever, hospitality businesses are recognising the need to switch up their interior design concepts to encourage customers back through their doors. One of the key things customers are looking for is a more open, spacious environment to dine in, so the indoor/outdoor trend lends itself perfectly to this need.

“A good example is the recently opened Flamingo Café in Winton, Bournemouth. We focused on delivering a tropical setting throughout, filled with lots of plants, rustic wooden features, and garden-themed soft furnishings. We also made sure the restaurant had lots of windows, allowing lots of light and creating a more open feel.

“The café owners wanted to showcase multiple restaurant brands from the same kitchen, so we created various seating areas and ‘comfort zones’ to match this and suit different dining needs. The lounge features soft, comfortable seating for a cosy vibe, while the vibrant garden pergola area oozes style and is perfect for casual outdoor drinks. There’s also a classic restaurant area with rows of tables for a more formal dining experience.

“Hospitality businesses are putting much more attention into creating a unique, memorable experience for customers. They need to stand out from the crowd to attract customers, not only offering quality, but also comfort and safety. I’m expecting this trend to continue throughout this year – not only among businesses opening for the first time, but also existing businesses looking to revamp and appeal to a new era of customer needs.”

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