Keep it Cosy – Autumnal Lighting by Hudson Valley Lighting Group

by Francesca

Create an Interior that Induces Calm and Warmth on Those Cooler Fall Nights

As long summer nights begin to take an Autumnal twist and turn to cooler and darker nights, we can welcome the change by creating a cosy and warm interior. One of the best ways to achieve this is with the use of clever lighting, let Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) guide you with its tips for choosing lighting that is right for you and your home this fall season.

HVLG have a stunning range of lighting fixtures that are perfect for Autumn, evoking a sense of warmth and cosiness, without feeling dark and dreary. The brand’s pieces provide captivating focal points to any room, and while the seasons change, HVLG’s fixtures are timeless, adapting with ease to any time of year. Let HVLG inspire you with its top picks and tips for lighting fixtures this autumn.

To create a cosy atmosphere with appropriate lighting, there are a few key components you need to consider. These include:

Get a Feel for Function

Depending on how you plan to use the room, you may want different types of lighting. For example, in the kitchen you may want additional task lighting to brighten up areas like worktops for preparing food, to ensure you can focus better.

Less is Not Always More

A great way to create a comfortable and inviting setting is to layer your lighting with a minimum of three or four light sources per room. Start with your main lighting fixture, known as ambient lighting, and find yourself a big, beautiful chandelier or pendant that makes its presence known. Then add in some task lighting that will be useful in illuminating focussed tasks like reading or working at a desk. To add the finishing touches to the room, do not forget about accent lighting. This could be anything from wall lights to track lamps and can draw attention to certain features in a room.

A Dimmer is a Winner

Installing a dimmer switch on your focal lighting a crucial if you want to have the flexibility to adjust the brightness on your lighting depending on your mood or the time of day. Some people find having bright lights on in the evening unsettling, so it is ideal to be able to dim the lights to create a more relaxed and softer ambience when you are winding down for the night.

Go Easy on the Ceiling Lights

To create a warm, homily feeling, a series of elegant pendants over a kitchen island or an elegant chandelier placed over a dining table are perfect choices. The same applies for living rooms or bedrooms, with the addition of some side lamps to complete the mood. Downlights or spotlights are bright and glaring, so are best kept just for the kitchen or bathroom where task lighting is needed, otherwise you risk creating an ambience that is more suited to work than home.

Concentrate on Corners

Similar to layering, to add interest and allure, you want to have focussed corners of the room with different lighting. This could be lamps on side tables, sideboards, and shelves, making the room more exciting and multidimensional. Sidelights can also be used to illuminate art pieces and create a trendy display.

LED is the Way Forward

Lasting 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs and around 8 times longer than halogen, most standard LED lights boast a 10-15 year lifespan. Not only this but they are more environmentally friendly, consuming up to 85% less energy and producing less heat, which also results in reduced electricity bills. LEDs come on instantly with no frustrating flickering and are now available in a wide range of attractive tones and hues.

Add a Classic Touch with a Candle

Some may underestimate the power of candlelight to encourage a warm and inviting feel in a room, especially when it’s cold and dark outside. To really pull out all the stops you can invest in some scented candles in your favourite aromas to make your interior something truly special.

Now you know a bit more about lighting, indulge in our top picks for autumnal lighting by HVLG, hand-picked just for you:

Gina Sconce

Gina plays with the idea of mounting a hand-held lantern on the wall, its hoop fitting snugly in the top mount and its timeless sphere diffuser clicking into place on the other mount. The dark fabric-wrapped cord plugs into a wall outlet, making Gina an easy way to add instant chic to a temporary space.

Chloe Sconce

The Chloe sconce from Mitzi looks stunning in any interior, the marble effect base fitted with adds a touch of glamour whilst the modern bulb achieves a contemporary feel.  

Astrid Chandelier

Paired best with modern furnishings in neutral tones, the playful Astrid chandelier from Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting brand sets the mood for a balanced and soothing room with its aged brass and black finish. The aged brass perfectly complements the black by adding a pop of colour that is classy and stylish, while still helping to capture a warm, autumnal feel in a room.

Pilsen Chandelier

With such striking features, Pilsen, from Troy Lighting, adds a stunning focal point to any room. Cradling crackling bulbs in a candelabra-shaped based, Pilsen’s perforated steel plates finished in brass naturally contrast against a rich, dark bronze. Further perforations and tactile details define Pilsen’s elegant shape while smooth curves and hard edges blend seamlessly to accentuate the piece’s distinguishable style. Finished in a gorgeous carbide black with satin nickel accents.

Odyssey Collection This beautiful collection by Troy Lighting features chrome lantern-style glass lamps that add a subtle, calming glow to any room, perfect for unwinding on darker Autumnal nights. Featuring contemporary defined lines that is reminiscent of HVLG’s signature style, with a sophisticated carbide black and polished nickel finish. The Odyssey Collection has a style to suit any space in the house; the range includes a chandelier, pendant and wall sconce.

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