Keith Fritz Fine Furniture Teams Up With Ceramic Artist Duo in New Collection of Tables Featuring Colorful Mosaic Tiles

by Francesca

Southern Indiana has a rich history in woodworking and clay—dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. In an effort to preserve that history, as well as support small artisans in the Indiana community, Keith Fritz Fine Furniture announces the Sculpted Collection, a collaboration between Keith Fritz + Clare & Romy Studio. Combining both mediums, wood and clay, Sculpted creates organic pieces that celebrate the traditional arts by bringing something new to market that has its roots in the past, and adds unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to any home.

The Sculpted collection is a combination of fully customizable furniture and fully customizable hand-carved ceramic tiles. Keith Fritz + Clare & Romy Studio invite designers to share fabric samples, color swatches or any inspiration pieces with them so they can tailor make pieces to fit their project. A selection of glaze colors for the clay are paired with exotic woods and over 100 wood finishes to create a truly custom piece of furniture.

“My initial inspiration was drawn from renowned ceramicist, Roger Capron. Clay gives us expanded properties.  You don’t have to worry about water or heat as you do with wood.  The combination of natural elements allows us to provide something that you don’t see in the market today.” says Keith Fritz.

Clare and Romy speak on the process of creating the clay tiles of the Sculpted Collection: “Clare begins by freehand sketching a design in raw stoneware clay and then hand carves the artwork to completion. The clay artwork is left to dry after which it is bisque fired in the studio kiln. After, the tile is ready for Romy to hand paint the selected glazes upon it.  Then it will be fired again for its second and final firing where the glazes are transformed and vitrified by the heat in the kiln. These tiles are fired to 2232 degrees which creates a very durable piece yet allows for some vibrancy in colors.”

Tiles are then handed off to Keith Fritz and his team where they are carefully inserted into the wooden frames that make up sidecar tables, small occasional tables, and even large scale coffee tables. 

“We are a team of artisans who have had the privilege to craft custom furniture for the finest homes in America. We deliver all our own furniture from coast-to-coast in our own company-owned trucks, ensuring that the highest quality furniture comes with the highest quality service and delivery in the industry, all with competitive lead times. It is our goal to create luxury pieces from time honored traditions.” says Keith Fritz.

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