LochAnna Kitchens share five trends set to hit 2023

by Francesca

With nearly 40 years of experience and expertise within the Kitchen industry, Paul Jenkinson, Founder and Managing Director of British kitchen brand LochAnna Kitchens has a keen eye when it comes to spotting the latest trends set to enter the kitchen space. Here, Paul shines a light on some of the latest trends to come out of the LochAnna Kitchens Design Centre in the UK.

1. The Modern Traditionalist
2023 will see the inclusion of even more dramatic neutrals and brights alike. The freedom that broken plan and open plan living provides has for many allowed for the incorporation of darker and bolder colours in smaller spaces both to saturate or simply accent a room. Modern lighting solutions further amplify this trend, creating an ambient space that is both contrasting and complementary with ease.

We predict that we will be seeing a lot darker and in particular, black kitchens in 2023. Used to evoke the feeling of drama and luxury, dark kitchens aid in an ultra-sleek and modern feel. Similarly, deep hues of reds are going to make a big statement in 2023, conjuring feelings of limitless expression and experimentation. This trend is reflected in the buzz around Viva Magenta, Pantone’s colour of the year.

Top Tip: If you love a specific colour from one of our painted ranges but want something a fraction lighter, darker, or something completely unique altogether, LochAnna Kitchens provide a colour matching service, meaning the possibilities are limitless when it comes to using your favourite hue.

2. Kitchen ‘Jewellery’
With lighter home updates set to take precedent over heavier refurbishments for many this year, homeowners are looking for simple ways of refreshing their kitchens without breaking the bank. Hardware has been a huge topic of conversation, with trends around handle style, material, and a mixture of the two really spicing things up. Equally, there has been a bigger focus on the ‘finishing touches’ of the kitchen such as splashbacks, statement appliances and overstated hardware in general. Think mixed metals, copper splashbacks and coloured brassware to add various points of interest and a feel of elegance and luxe.

Top Tip: Hardware can have a big impact on the feeling cabinetry evokes, whether that be modern, rustic, vintage or traditional, so consider how this will pair with the rest of your design. If you’re looking for a budget friendly way to refresh your kitchens appearance, why not try replacing your kitchen handles to something more modern for an instant refresh.

Image Credit: Sheraton Interiors

3. The Kitchen Sidekick
Recently, we have seen the walls of the kitchen expand with a surge in interest in those looking to create separate or secondary areas fit for additional purposes other than just cooking or entertaining. This trend isn’t limited to only prep areas, but also entryways with the ever-popular Bootility room; a place to store muddy shoes and hang coats and scarves. Another add-on are freestanding bars such as our Thistleton Drinks Pantry, (the perfect way to create a fun, inspiring place to gather guests for entertainment) and our Butler’s Pantry (the ultimate must have for the aspiring chef or Kondo Method enthusiast). If you’re looking to make your kitchen a more multifunctional space, this trend is a practical way of breaking up the flow in open plan kitchens, ensuring a full use of the allotted space.

Top Tip: If you are a keen entertainer or host/hostess, consider a freestanding bar to add an extra ‘wow’ factor and centrepiece to any dinner party. Alternatively use it as a glass cabinet to display your favourite kitchenware and crockery.

4. Layers of Green
Symbolic of nature, life, growth, and tranquillity, it’s unsurprising that green kitchens have been on an upward trajectory over the past three years. Following the biophilic trend of bringing elements of the outside in, green has become a new neutral of sorts. From dark, dramatic forests and emeralds, to soft, cosy olives and sages, green pairs excellently with other neutral colours and textures, with everything from dark marbles or patinaed brass allowing this hue to shine in both modern and traditional kitchens alike.

When analysing the top ten colours that our customers selected over the past six months, we found that shades of blue and green made up for a significant 40% of kitchens purchased.

Top Tip: If you love the idea of a green kitchen but are unsure of creating a design that incorporates this bold colour so heavily, why not try a green kitchen island set against a neutral backdrop.

5. Sustainable Investments
With more of us aware of the impact non-sustainably sourced materials have on our planet and its resources, we expect to see a further increased interest in kitchen materials with eco-credentials, as well as materials that boast longevity. Research into our top selling ranges reflected an increase in the amount spent on kitchen doors, with a large amount of customers purchasing higher end door materials, showing a definite ‘quality over quantity’ effect.

Top Tip: Look for a kitchen range that has an element of recyclability, whether that’s what it’s made from, or whether it can be recycled after use such as our Eterna range, Ocean XI handles and EcoStone Splashbacks.

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