Moores reaches new sustainability milestone with its bio-fuel boilers

by Francesca

In 2014, leading British furniture manufacturer Moores began a sustainability journey that has seen them become an industry example of social responsibility and environmental protection. These efforts began in 2014 when Moores switched the methods of heating their manufacturing facilities, moving from traditional gas-fuelled boilers to highly efficient bio-fuel boilers, the successes of which have recently been assessed and acknowledged as part of Moores’ ongoing sustainability journey.

The outcome found that by switching to bio-fuel boilers in 2014, Moores were able to save a total of 7,726 tCO2e (tonnes carbon equivalent) over the last six years. To put this number in perspective, it is the equivalent of removing 1,680 cars from the roads for a year, or planting 48,290 trees, or even manufacturing 93.5 million 500ml drinks bottles.
“We have been actively pursuing a number of sustainability goals since 2014 and are delighted to begin sharing our many achievements with both the kitchens industry and our customers over the next few months,” says Mark Grainger, Environmental & Quality Systems Manager at Moores. “Sustainability has become a fundamental part of the Moores brand identity and this recent milestone in our bio-fuel boiler project confirms that we’re on the right path and encourages us to keep pushing for environmental advancements within our brand and within the kitchens industry as a whole. Ultimately, we hope to continue to make a significant reduction of our carbon footprint but also provide comprehensive examples through our efforts of how we can all work towards a healthier planet.”

In addition to this project, Moores continues to comply with the ‘waste hierarchy’, with an overarching aim to minimise and actively manage waste through the ‘5 R’ principles: Remove; Reduce; Re-use; Recycle and Recovery, recovery being the waste used as fuel for heat reclamation or power generation. The experienced manufacturer also aims to have zero production waste sent to landfill from their Wetherby site.

Moores are currently undertaking a complete assessment of their environmental achievements that will continue through to December 2020 and focus on the company’s carbon savings within plastic, resource recovery, electricity and more.

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