Optimise your decor: How to get the best out of each room in your house

by Francesca

Creating the right mood in each room of your home can have an extremely positive impact on your daily life, and it’s easier than you think with just a few simple decor tweaks and changes.

But what do we mean by ‘optimise your decor’?

Well, each room of your home has a specific purpose. For example, the bedroom must be a relaxing environment to help you sleep and a home office needs to evoke concentration and creativity.

To show you how to achieve this throughout your house, Avant Homes teamed up with Hazel Poett, interior designer at Show Business Interiors, to detail how you can ‘optimise’ the decor in your property…

Bedroom – relaxation and sleep

In the bedroom, focus on creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation and restful sleep. Incorporate luxurious fabrics with soft details like piped cushions and gentle lighting layers and include ambient lighting for reading and a statement overhead glow.

Choose personalised artwork and styling that evokes calmness and serenity. Ensure that furniture is well-proportioned for the space, with a large bed where suitable, and a bench at the foot of the bed to extend the feeling of comfort.

Living room – relaxation and comfort

For a relaxing, comforting environment in the living room, opt for comfy, inviting sofas, and layer with cushions that incorporate a mix of fabrics. By playing with colours and textures, you can stimulate visual interest.

Having flexibility in your furniture layout is key to creating an easy, relaxing environment, with movable footstools and smaller pieces for convenient resting spots for books, laptops, or drinks.

Bathroom – tranquillity and calmness

Cultivate a tranquil and calming ambience through the juxtaposition of deep chalky paint tones and light, fresh tiles.

To create a refreshing atmosphere, incorporate greenery and plants in the styling. If you’re looking to engage all the senses, add styling pieces such as scented candles, diffusers, and soaps to enhance the overall experience.

Kitchen – light, airy, and organised

Create a light, organised space in your kitchen by making sure the items used within the room provide both functionality and style. The kitchen is the hub of the home, so ensure your furniture is cleverly laid out to create a multifunctional space that facilitates more than just cooking.

In addition to this, arrange furnishings to allow ample natural light in, creating a light and airy atmosphere. To maximise sunlight, you can also incorporate lighter fabrics and materials like sheer curtains and wood slats within your kitchen design.

Home gym – concentration and stimulation

To get in the right frame of mind in your home gym, add inspirational artwork or motivational quotes. Use bright and invigorating lighting to foster an energetic atmosphere and to improve concentration when working out, include designated zones for your favourite activities.

Home office – colours and creativity

To exude focus in your home office, use colours like greens and blues as these are known to promote concentration and reduce stress. Additionally, curated gallery walls or “zoom backdrops” are considered to cater to remote working.

A view of the outside world and welcoming in natural lighting is also essential in improving concentration. Decluttering your space by using clever storage solutions for files, books, and stationery helps maintain a clear frame of mind too.

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