Paola Leon Design & MATT Architecture Complete New Headquarters for Soho Estates

by Francesca

Paola Leon Design, an award winning design firm has recently completed the interior design of Soho Estates’ new prestigious headquarters, located on the top floor of new-build Ilona Rose House – designed by MATT Architecture. The 7,500 sq ft space is the company’s first purpose-built and designed office, reflecting its family-owned and family-run values.

The design brief for the project was to create a dynamic and flexible workspace that encouraged movement and interaction while projecting the family brand and capturing the spirit of Soho. Paola Leon Design achieved this by blurring the line between home and workplace, using material, texture, colour, and attention to detail typically unseen in an office setting.

The design project prioritised ethical and sustainable sourcing for material selection, with environmental impact assessments at each stage of the design. The design elements and curation were carefully crafted to enhance each individual space. Vibrant, rich hues and bold materials were used in high-energy areas where collaboration and socialisation are encouraged, while a calmer neutral palette was applied in the quieter spaces that require focus. 

All spaces were unified with linear patterning, providing depth and texture. In addition, biophilic design and guidelines for wellness and sustainable thinking were essential parts of the design process, influencing the extensive planting of interior and exterior spaces.

The new interior design features a variety of private and collaborative work settings, including desk working, high stools, small tables, sofas, private booths, private offices, meeting rooms, and a boardroom. The new design also includes complementary spaces for short breaks to rest and recharge, such as a garden terrace, kitchen, library, bar, and snugs. The “family room” serves as the communal and collaborative heart of the design, encouraging chance encounters and providing opportunities for socialising and collaboration.

The design team worked closely with skilled craftsmen and craftswomen to design bespoke pieces to meet client needs. Natural materials were used throughout, and timber was ethically and sustainably sourced. Joinery was designed to perform as sustainably as possible, with careful specification and the use of natural oils.

“We are thrilled to have completed the interior design for Soho Estates,” said Paola Leon, founder and creative director of Paola Leon Design. “Our team carefully curated every design element to create a dynamic and flexible workspace that reflects the company’s values and captures the spirit of Soho. We are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to seeing the space in use.”

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